Alvarez Gomez Eau D'Orange Spray

Alvarez Gomez was founded in Madrid, Spain over 100 years ago in 1899 by three cousins. The cousins started their venture working in a relative’s drug store as apprentice fragrance dealers.
Four generations on, Alvarez Gomez still has a great family influence, keeping the brand true to its origin.

This traditional Spanish cologne is based on the scents of Mediterranean flowers, plants and fruits. An invigorating and refreshing experience for the entire family.

Eau D’Orange is new for 2020. A wonderfully uplifting, classic orange scent combining extracts of almond, lemon, cedar, cypress and musk with essential oils of bergamot. The result is a timeless, refreshing cologne suitable for men and women.

Notes: orange, almond, lemon, cedar, cypress and musk, bergamot.

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