D'Orsay Eau De Parfum

A classic French perfume house, using carefully preserved formulas to create intense perfumes with real personality.

Le Dandy 50ml - Le Dandy has top notes of Whiskey, Rum and Plum mixed with undertones of Nutmeg, Clove, Tonka Bean and the staple scent of Tobacco. This warm and spicy, yet fruity, scent delivers the presence of an enigmatic gentlemen ready to work.

L'Intrigante 50ml - presents Black Pepper and Musk as its top notes, which are further enhanced though the intricate underlying layers of floral Camellia, Vanilla and White Musk. These scents allow this eau de parfum to form a unique, powdery and elegant formula – the perfect mellow experience.

Le Nomade 50ml - Le Nomade sports top notes of Spice and Berries, complimented by undertones of aromatic scents such as Vetiver, Bergamot and White Musk. This eau de parfum is the must-have musky scent with a floral twist for any gentleman looking to impress.

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