Fer a Cheval All Purpose Spray 500ml

For over 160 years Fer à Cheval have created original Marseille soap using an age-old recipe and traditional techniques passed down through generations of master soap-makers. Their factory is proud to continue to craft a key product of Marseille with respect for tradition, attention to detail and – it has to be said a great deal of love!

Fer a Cheval all-purpose ready-to-use cleaner is fragranced with the delightful scent of Provencal Olive and thoroughly removes dirt and grease from all washable surfaces. Its unique hypoallergenic formula has been developed to minimise the risks of allergies with 99% of ingredients from natural origin.

Spray directly on the surface, leave it for a few moments, then wipe it off with a damp sponge. Surfaces in direct contact with food must be carefully rinsed off with clear water.

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