Fer a Cheval Liquid Black Soap 1 Litre

For over 160 years Fer à Cheval have created original Marseille soap using an age-old recipe and traditional techniques passed down through generations of master soap-makers. Their factory is proud to continue to craft a key product of Marseille with respect for tradition, attention to detail and – it has to be said a great deal of love!

Fer a Cheval liquid black soap is an economical and multi-use cleaner, a small amount is enough to thoroughly clean, degrease, nourish and polish all kinds of interior or exterior surfaces.
Formulated from olive oil, and without any preservative, dyes or fragrance.. a great environmentally friendly detergent!

GARDENING TIP - Dissolve black soap in warm water and decant into a spray bottle. Leave to cool and spray your plants regularly to keep aphids away.

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