Cadentia Nature Naturelle Eau De Cologne 500ml

Cadentia is one of the most recognised eau de cologne manufacturers in France today, creating timeless fragrances suitable for the whole family.
Cologne is a product to be used liberally and should be a staple in every home. Not only can it be used to keep you cool in the summer months, it can also be added to your bath water for a relaxing fragrant bath. Cologne can also be used around the home for cleaning and refreshing.

The Nature Collection combines natural fruits, flowers, herbs and plant essences to create four universal, timeless fragrances. Each with a subtle citrus note blended with natures treasures, truly a cologne to wear for any occasion and suitable for all.

Naturelle 500ml is a refreshing fragrance with oranges and lemons, enhanced by notes of clove, pine and musk.

Top notes: citrus, bergamot, lemon, orange, verbena
Middle notes: spices, clove, rose wood, pine
Base notes: musk, orange, camphor

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