Russian Doll Set Design 1

This is a set of traditionally painted Russian Dolls. Matryoshka literally means ‘Little Matron’. The name derives from Matryona, a popular female name in the 19th century. Each doll is hand-painted, ensuring each piece is unique.

We hope your Russian doll will give you many years of enjoyment – and even become a treasured heirloom.

To open your Russian doll, please avoid the natural temptation to ‘unscrew’ it by twisting the halves in opposite direction. Instead, just ‘bend’ it apart – as if you a snapping a twig. The halves should gently come apart.

This set of three, brightly painted, ‘Fairy tale Bear’ Russian Dolls have a unique bear character design.
The largest doll in this set measures 11cm tall

Please be aware these dolls are not a toy and contain small parts.

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