Russian Doll Set Design 1

Every set of these beautiful and unique Russian dolls is hand-painted. Some become highly collectable depending on the individual artist. Traditionally made from lime, birch or balsa with each set turned from one piece of wood.

We hope your Russian doll will give you many years of enjoyment – and even become a treasured heirloom.

To open your Russian doll, please avoid the natural temptation to ‘unscrew’ it by twisting the halves in opposite direction. Instead, just ‘bend’ it apart – as if you a snapping a twig. The halves should gently come apart.

This set of three, brightly painted, ‘Fairy tale Bear’ Russian Dolls have a unique bear character design.
The largest doll in this set measures 11cm tall

Please be aware these dolls are not a toy and contain small parts.

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