Abahna Vetiver & Cedarwood Bath Foam 500ml

The award-winning Abahna collection was founded in 2005 and took inspiration from the exotic bathing ceremonies and spas of India and the Far East.

Abahna creates luxurious and sensual products for an everyday spa-like experience. Made in England, using exquisite essential oils and combining them with organic botanical extracts.


Surround yourself in drifts of fragrant bubbles with this luxurious bath foam, the essential oils will turn your bath into a celebration for the senses.

Made with wildflower honey, aloe vera and chamomile to protect the skin and leave your body soft and glowing. This stylish,

500ml square glass decanter is sure to take pride of place in your bathroom.

The grass root of temperate vetiver is balanced beautifully with cold climate cedarwood to produce a scent that lifts the spirits and restores equilibrium.

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Abahna Vetiver & Cedarwood Bath Foam 500ml