Ach Brito Luxo-Banho Lime Basil Soap 350g

Ach Brito is one of the most cherished and ancient companies existing in Portugal today, with a remarkable historical past dating back to 1887.
Ach Brito distinguishes itself because of the decades of experience it has, the quality of its products, and the beauty of its labels. Present in over 50 countries together with its own prestigious Claus Porto brand.

The Luxo-Banho Lime Basil soap offers a fresh and revitalising scent. Fragrance consists of notes of lime, bergamot, basil, vetiver, and patchouli.

Wrapped by hand and with an ergonomic oval shape, enriched with sweet almond oil.

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Ach Brito Luxo-Banho Lime Basil Soap 350g