BODYGUARD Coconut Fragranced Anti Mosquito

Introducing BODYGUARD®, a revolutionary fragranced anti-mosquito collection, created in Provence by a team of expert perfumers and scientists. The BODYGUARD® anti-mosquito formula combines a wonderfully light fragrance with a highly efficient insect repellent called IR3535 (an active ingredient recommended by the World Health Organisation).

Never before had an anti-mosquito smelt so good! 


BODYGUARD® is scientifically proven to provide long lasting 7 hour protection against mosquitos in both moderate AND tropical climates.  It is suitable for all your family needs and can be used on children 12 months +, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. There are already 1000's across France enjoying this superb product and now you can too! 

The Coconut fragrance is Fresh & Tropical.  An irresistible cocktail of Coconut, Vanilla, Jasmine & Amber

Application Advice

After spraying over your exposed skin use your hands to spread the product all over. Just like when applying sunscreen the patches you miss will still be vulnerable to mosquito bites.  Always apply sunscreen or other cosmetics 20 minutes before applying BODYGUARD®. Do not spray directly on your face and take care to avoid the eye area. 


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