Carthusia Ligea Eau de Parfum100ml

Carthusia has used its centuries old knowledge to develop fragrances that capture the beauty of the Island of Capri with its fragrant sea waters, wild blooming flowers and citrus notes. All stages of production are carried out by hand using natural methods and the packaging includes a ‘flower siren’ that represents the surreal and mythological landscapes of Capri’s heritage.

Named after one of the three sirens who tried in vain to bewitch Ulysses, Ligea Eau de Toilette is a sensual, passionate, and powdery scent that combines the warmth of opoponax with the taste of fresh tender mandarin.

Top notes: lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot, lavender
Middle notes: patchouli, clove, geranium, citronella
Base notes: white musk, tobacco flowers, snowbell, vanilla

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