Jean D'Aigle Lavender Eau De Cologne 250ml

Since 1945, Jean D'Aigle has been creating Colognes from their workshop in Provence, combining essences by hand, allowing 4 weeks of maceration, and then filtering the old-fashioned way. This process gives their colognes a unique strength and authenticity.

Cologne is a product to be used liberally and should be a staple in every home. Not only can it be used to keep you cool in the summer months, it can also be used around the home for cleaning and refreshing. The Jean d’ Aigle collection are traditionally packaged authentic colognes. Delicately scented and versatile these colognes are perfect for everyday use.

Lavender 250ml is delicate, soothing and calming. Lifted with eucalyptus and orange for a refreshing twist on the traditional lavender scent.

Now comes in a classic embossed box with an optional atomiser included.

Top notes: lavender, eucalyptus, orange
Middle notes: rosewood, lily of the valley
Base notes: hay, musk

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Jean d’Aigle Lavender Eau de Cologne 250ml

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