Merino Wool Blankets

Since 1828, John Atkinson has been producing the finest blankets, 100% pure merino wool, bound with a satin edge. Quality 400gm weight.

Available in: Ivory, Powder Pink, Champagne, Alaskan Blue.

Available to order - delivery in 2 weeks.

Single 180x230cm

Double 230x255cm

Kingsize 255x280cm

Superking 280x305cm

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Standard Beds

Standard Cot 23" x 47" 60 x 120cm
Cot Bed 27" x 55" 70 x 140cm
Single 3' x 6'3" 90 x 190cm
Double 4'6" x 6'3" 140cm x 190cm
King 5' x 6'6" 150cm x 200cm
Superking 6' x 6'6" 180cm x 200cm
Emperor 6'6' x 6'6" 200cm x 200cm

Duvet Covers

Cot Bed Duvet Cover 47" x 55" 120 x 150cm
Single Duvet Cover 54" x 78" 137 x 200cm
Double Duvet Cover 78" x 78" 200 x 200cm
King Duvet Cover 90" x 86" 230 x 220cm
Superking Duvet Cover 102" x 86" 260 x 220cm
Emperor Duvet Cover 114" x 92" 290 x 235cm

Flat Sheets

Single Flat Sheet 70" x 108" 180 x 275cm
Double Flat Sheet 90" x 108" 230 x 275cm
King Flat Sheet 108" x 117" 275 x 300cm
Superking Flat Sheet 120" x 110" 304 x 280cm


Cot Bed 22" x 14" 57 x 35cm
Standard 19" x 29" 50 x 75cm
Superking 19" x 36" 50 x 90cm
Square 26" x 26" 65 x 65cm
Baby Pillow 12" x 16" 30 x 40cm

There is often some confusion over the different styles of pillowcases. To put it simply, a proper Oxford pillowcase has a border all the way around and mitred corners, not to be confused with a "mock" Oxford pillowcase which has no mitred corners. A household pillowcase is plain with no border. All our pillowcases have generous inside flaps for a perfect fit.

Fitted Sheets

Our fitted sheets are manufactured to fit all standard beds, elasticated around each end, with generous box depth of 14" - 35.5cm


Our valances are manufactured to fit all standard beds and have a drop of 15.5" - 40.5cm

Thread Count

The definition of thread count is simply the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. The number is based on the threads woven horizontally (weft) and vertically (warp).
The quality of the cotton used is the most important factor as well as the weaving and finishing process. For bed linen, using a fine quality single strand the maximum threads that can be woven into one square inch is agreed to be 500.

Very high thread counts of 500 and above usually mean that the yarn has been plied. In other words, it is produced by counting twisted, thinner yarns as double.
A fabric that has 250 individual four ply yarns in a square inch is counted as 1,000 thread count fabric.

However, using thinner, less durable yarn means that you can fit more threads on the loom, but it can significantly decrease the strength and lifespan of your bed linen.
Sometimes, extra threads can be woven into the weft to increase the thread count. these added threads are called picks and are added into the overall count which is how some bed linen ends up having thread counts in the thousands. This practice increases the thread count but otherwise serves no practical or useful purpose. Depending on the number of picks used it can make a product feel heavy and uncomfortable.

A 180 thread count fabric woven using a fine quality single yarn can be in fact, far superior to a fabric claiming to have a very high thread count.
Percale bed linen is crisp and long lasting. Sateen has a lustrous satin finish and a softer feel.

A jacquard is a type of weave that allows the pattern to be integrated into the fabric whilst retaining its soft and smooth feel.

At Cologne and Cotton, the quality of the fabrics used for our bed linen has always been our highest priority. we continually strive to source the very best quality from around the world.
Our bed and bath linens are beautiful, long lasting and will give years of pleasure and wellbeing.

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Merino Wool Powder Pink Single Blanket
Merino Wool Ivory Single Blanket
Merino Wool Champagne Single Blanket
Merino Wool Alaskan Blue Single Blanket
Merino Wool Powder Pink Double Blanket
Merino Wool Ivory Double Blanket
Merino Wool Champagne Double Blanket
Merino Wool Alaskan Blue Double Blanket
Merino Wool Powder Pink Kingsize Blanket
Merino Wool Ivory Kingsize Blanket
Merino Wool Champagne Kingsize Blanket
Merino Wool Alaskan Blue Kingsize Blanket
Merino Wool Powder Pink Superking Blanket
Merino Wool Ivory Superking Blanket
Merino Wool Champagne Superking Blanket
Merino Wool Alaskan Blue Superking Blanket