Natural Hand Woven Laundry Baskets La Marée

We love this new laundry basket with the beautiful hand-painted motif on the lid, inspired by the Senegalese coastline and waves, La Marée or The Tide.

Our beautiful flat lidded laundry baskets are handwoven in Senegal, where women have been weaving baskets for generations. All crafted in their own small villages, making each basket a unique thing of beauty.
The baskets are woven from local grass, with strips of repurposed plastic that are traditionally used for making small mats.

Our suppliers work directly with a community of Senegalese women, to ensure that money goes directly to the women, with the aim of providing a fair and secure income for them and their families.

Available in two sizes:
Medium (H38cm x W33cm)
Large (H53cm x W38cm)

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